2015 F50 Solar Red adiZero Fg

adizero f50 2015

Adidad F50 adiZero

Adidad F50 adiZero












            • - lightweight
            • - great traction for quick stop and turn
            • - hybrid touch technology
            • - track spike stud technology
            • - 3D dribbletex for smooth control


            • - Leaves your ankles somewhat exposed


            Adidas f50 Solar Red FG

            Speed,Speed and more speed. The F50 adiZero is the perfect cleat for the fast paced players looking to maximize their speedy attributes. Cause havoc to all your competition by endlessly gaining traction in ever step you take to increase your push when dead sprinting. The boot comes with 3D dribbetex technology to allow for fast paced dribbling in wet or dry conditions. Also the cleats come with a shimmer upper and a superior extra layer of studs on the translucent(clear) firm outsole.


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            Dribble Technology

            The Solar Red’s upper dribbletex Raised 3D texture for high-speed dribbling will allow you to dance past your opponents in this light-weight soccer cleat. The hybrid touch is a newly made, super-soft upper material that is a hybrid of it’s original. This means the shoe has a unique synthetic material that mimics the same qualities as genuine leather skin does.


            Stability & Balance

            The cleats have the classic signature Adidas 3 stripes on the heel to not get in the way of the cleats solar design.  As for the Insole, The Solar Reds have an internal sprintweb that offers increased stability in lateral and medial movement, which is huge for balance and skills.No fear of rollover as well when you’re making those quick stop and turn movements. The out-sole uses next generation technology with a new, ultralight multicolored out-sole.

            adizero f50 2015

            Click here to see reviews and prices for the Adidas f50 Solar Red FG on Amazon.com

            Speed-Stud Configuration

            The speed-stud configuration comes with a new 2nd level of traction for your forefoot base.This was inspired by sprint spiked shoes that increases grip and traction.The bladed style studding will allow for increased explosion. You may also notice that when sprinting in these cleats you can  accelerate a lot easier than if you were in a, say conical stud style set-up. So if you’re a winger, full-back or striker and pace is apart of your game then the Adidas F50’s are a great light-weight cleat with high-end features.

            Trying them on

            These are a very very comfortable pair of cleats. I recommend these to any type of player who wants a cleat that feels like your putting on a cozy shoe. The soul plate isn’t so stiff and will give more after some wear and tear. You can’t help but feel like you. It’s not too thin and offers a great amount of cushioning. In that respect you can assume this will also aid in protecting your feet as well. Your feet feel really secured in these cleats and are super comfortable to run in.

            As always before you buy them make sure you’re getting the right size. When they arrive break them in with a little kick around. Don’t dive right into a match with these because with any new shoe they’re still a bit too stiff for the level of reaction time required for games.

            Click here to see reviews and prices for the Adidas f50 Solar Red FG on Amazon.com

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