5 Cheap (but good!) Soccer Cleats for 2016


Cheap Soccer Cleats!?

When most high-end cleats come out they run an average cost of $200 to $300 dollars. That’s a lot to invest especially if your funds are thinning out.Overtime a great pair of cleats can become much cheaper and in most cases you can save a good chunk of change. There’s nothing wrong with that and we believe just because a great cleat becomes out date doesn’t mean it lost it’s quality. So what we wanted to do was write this article for our more economical footballers. All of these soccer cleats are on clearance and under $110. There is no lack of quality in this selection, we carefully chose each cleat based off touch, traction, weight and overall responsiveness. This selection is in no order, instead we’d like to hear from you on which cleats you like.

Nike Magista Onda FG


Click here to see reviews and prices for the Nike Magista Onda on Amazon.com

The Nike Magista Onda FG has an upper made from Nike’s Trophy Synthetic leather. What’s most important is this material works well with first-touches and passes. There is a unique focus of texture on the synthetic material. This cleat offers great support and is a quality shoe for game-changing players on a budget.

Your feet are supported by a synthetic top-cloth mid-sole. This offers both durability and comfort. You also get a decent amount of support from from the die-cut Eva sock-liner. This is very important when playing long intense games as your feet can start to feel the burn. Comfort is everything!

What’s Awesome about the Nike Magista Onda is it comes with a thermoplastic polyurethane base that will naturally form to the shape of your foot. Direct-injected conical studs for strong pivots and quick turning on firm ground playing conditions. This cleat comes in Nike’s total orange.

Adidas Messi 15.3 FG/AG


Click here to see reviews and prices for the Adidas Messi 15.3 on Amazon.com

You’re really not losing much by buying a pair of the Adidas Messi 15.3 FG/AG. Very similar to the Adidas Messi 15.1 fg/ag. You still get the same dimpled like synthetic texture (MessiTouch). Again not an excessively thin cleat but thin enough to allow for a better feel on the ball but still provide cushioning.

You also get the same MessiGambtrax stud pattern. triangular studs for a nice medium between pivot and exploding. The 15.3’s are  great light-weight cleat for Messi fans on a budget.  The MessiCage is a little less inclusive in this cleat but if you read our review on the 15.1’s then you’ll know it won’t make much of a difference anyway.

The Adidas Messi 15.3 come white and blue.

Adidas Ace 15.2 FG


Click here to see reviews and prices for the Adidas Ace 15.2 on Amazon.com

There just isn’t enough good things you can say about the Adidas Ace 15.2 FG. They are the younger brother of the Ace 15.1’s and offer all the good qualities that the 15.1 model does but for a much more affordable price. CTRL/Web 3-d kicking surface is a little less prominent in appearance but will still aid in your first-touch and shooting.

A good choice for flat-footed players. A comfortable cleat is everything and Adidas made the Ace with flat-footed players in mind. The studs are powerful and give the same in-discriminating grip that the big brother Ace 15.1 boast. This is proud choice on the list of cheap soccer cleats you can buy in 2016.

The Adidas Ace 15.2 Fg comes in an orange and black.

New Balance Visaro Pro Fg


Click here to see reviews and prices for the New Balance Visaro Pro FG on Amazon.com

Here is a cleat that would not make this list if it wasn’t on clearance. The New Balance Visaro Pro Fg is the first high- end featured cleat to make this list so far.

What I love most about this cleat is it comes in both standard and wide widths. The upper is made from a 4mm in thickness Ariaprene mesh and a 2mm debossed sweet spot for clean striking of the ball. The outsole is made from a light nylon material.

The Super-Flex soleplate is exactly that so right  out the box you won’t have trouble breaking them in. There is also a foamy footbed with a unique stud pattern to ensure comfortbaly feel and still give good traction.A Great cleat for players who want a top quality cleat and still save money. The New Balance Visaro Pro FG comes in Blue.

Nike Mercurial Veloce II FG


Click here to see reviews and prices for the Nike Mercurial Veloce II on Amazon.com

If you’ve every worn a pair of Mercurials then you know how they’re a first choice at any level. A great choice for fast players. People who really dig during the game and need a cleat that can enhance their explosion and give the traction they need when sprinting. The main talking point of this shoe is the affordability.

If you’re a fullback, forward or winger then these are a great budget friendly choice. The synthetic material that masks the whole cleat provides for a soft first touch. This also helps when running at full speed for controlling the ball. The upper is made from a light tie-in avail synthetic leather is textured over in a micro material for clean touches when you’re at high speeds.

The internal cage acts as a response to create that sock-like feel that we’re almost accustomed to when discussing Nike products. Bladed studs offer the traction and explosiveness you need to maximize your raw speed. So a clean touch, great traction and built for high intensity sprinting players. The Nike Mercurial Veloce II comes in grey and pink.

Before You Buy Anything

As in most cases when your shopping online make sure you have the correct shoe size before buying. Don’t size-up too much or down too low just to save some money. You don’t want your footballing skills to suffer as a result of you neglecting the facts. I know sometimes you want something so bad that you’re willing to overlook certain aspects to have a cleat but try to look at the bigger picture. This selection is great first-choice budget friendly cleats but might not work for everyone. If you’re looking for cheap soccer cleats check out the clearance selection.

If you have any comments or questions please leave them in the comments section.

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