Adidas Ace 16+ Pure Control Review


Adidas Ace 16+ Pure Control

Adidas Ace 16+ Pure Control












            • - Zero wear in time.
            • - Control is easier with laceless design
            • - Non-Stop Grip makes the ball stick to your feet!
            • - Light-sprint weight outsole


            • - not the fit like a sock feel you thought you'd get
            • - no real responsive aspect with no laces
            • - medial and lateral lining is very stiff

            Adidas Ace 16+ Pure Control FG/AG


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            In the box

            Inside the box you get a couple of extras. The  first thing you’ll notice is you get an additional pair comfort insoles. you also get a shoe horn which will aid in properly putting the cleats on. Since the Adidas Ace 16+ Pure Control  shoe is lace-less it could be a bit tricky  putting them on so the shoe horn will definitely help with that. Finally, you get a mesh string bag with the Pure Control logo.

            So it’s time to put the Adidas Ace 16+ Pure Control under the magnifying glass. This cleat has received a lot of attention in the soccer community. One because it’s a lace-less cleat and two because it has a knitted upper which is something you just don’t see in today’s cleats. Lace-less cleats aren’t actually a new concept as they’ve been done before but we’ve never seen lace-less with a knitted upper.

            At first glance the pure controls may look like a pair of comfy socks that just slide right onto your feet but that’s not the case. There’s a lot of layers to this cleat that you can’t see unless it’s in your hand.


            Trying them on

            Since there are no laces to this cleat we think it’s a good idea to talk about putting them on first. It can be a bit tricky.There two main aspects of the Adidas Ace 16+ Pure Control to consider when your putting them on that will benefit you in the future.

            A.The back of the shoe

            You don’t want to crush the heel area which is something we do a lot when lazily putting on shoes. A lot of the time when we put on shoes you tend to stand on the back end of the shoe and force our feet into the shoe. This is why Adidas included a shoe horn. If you stand on the back end of the shoe too much it will bend in permanently and form a bit of an uncomfortable lump that won’t go away. If you’re going to wear relatively expensive kicks then make sure you’re putting them on properly to ensure their longevity.

            Tech fit under layer

            Second, all the stretch in the upper is in the top part where  the laces would normally be. What you don’t see in the pictures advertised is that there is a separate material under the elasticated lace-less material. There are two layers of material and that second layer is the internal tech support system.

            You basically use the the two shoe loops at the front and back of the cleat to slide your feet in properly. Make sure to use the shoe horn as well. Once the cleat is on your feet you pull on the pink loop to fasten your foot in.


            Fit and feel

            They’re actually quite stiff. Not what you’d expect to hear right? It just doesn’t feel like how it looks. When you actually put them on for the first time you’ll feel comfortable but it just doesn’t feel like how it looks if that makes any sense.

            With any lace-less shoe when you eliminate  the aspects of laces, the very thing securing your feet in your shoes. You have to compensate for that by tightening certain parts of the upper that you normally wouldn’t with a traditional cleat. If you’re the type of player who needs a super secure fit then you just won’t get that from the Adidas Ace 16+ Pure Control. There is lots of stiffness on the lateral and medial part of the cleat as well which makes suggest there is a lots of extra layers needed in the cleat to ensure foot security.

            You can not buy these cleats with room to grow. They have to fit your feet with exact snug! If you’re going to buy them please buy them with an exact size in mind. Also not a good shoe for wide footed players either due to its stiff design. Go true to size, don’t buy with extra room because if you don’t you’ll run into a lot of problems with slippage of the heel area. This can be a wonderful cleat for you but you got to get certain aspects right before you can get the most of out it.


            Is there a performance advantage to eliminating laces?

            The lace-less design was meant to take away the bulkiness that comes with having laces. As smooth as it looks the cleat doe have some bulk. The problem with not having laces is you lose one very important aspect of  your soccer cleat and that’s adjust-ability. No one is the same and when you wear a pair of cleats and they don’t feel just right you can adjust them with laces. with lace-less cleats you don’t have adjust ability. You can’t make it tighter or looser. That’s why the fit of the shoe is very important.

            There is a micro fiber liner that adds a lot of firmness to the cleat. It’s just what Adidas needed to do to make it structionally sound when on your feet.

            The back of the cleat is a bit unique as well. The cut is the PrimeCut collar which was their response to Nike’s mid-cut still on the Obras. It looks mid-cut but doesn’t really do anything at all. It extends it a little higher so no structional integrity really.

            The inside of the cleat has a smooth synthetic wave liner. The insole is light-weight with a mesh liner on top with perforations for ventilation.


            Sole plate

            The sole plate is very similiar to the Adidas f50. They use conical studs for the stud pattern. This is a stud pattern that will do you well on firm ground and natural grass surfaces. The stud pattern suggest that and Adidas has said that you can use these cleats on Artificial grass as well. Although there is nothing in the stud pattern that would support that claim.

            Overall the cleats weigh 229g which isn’t heavy or light but that’s not the reason you buy them. You buy these babies to try out the lace-less pattern. A great feature to this cleat is it takes zero time to wear them in. Will it enhance your game? Maybe, who knows. If you believe the qualities this cleat offers can help you take your game to the next level and if you’re interested in buying them then follow the shop now button where you can purchase these cleats today at great price.

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