Adidas Messi 15.1 FG/AG Review

adidas messi 15.1

Adidas Messi 15.1 AG/FG

Adidas Messi 15.1 AG/FG












            • - built for authentic first touches
            • - very light weight shoe
            • - optimal traction for acceleration
            • - a step up from the f50


            • - still very much the same as an f50
            • - not suitable for all positions
            • - protection of your ankles may be an issue

            One does not need to explain why the Adidas Messi 15.1 are a top choice cleat for footballers of all ages. You just don’t ask those type of questions. This cleat is for the player who aims to mirror their playing style after Messi. It’s for the player who knows how to dribble, pass, tackle, defend and attack the goal.


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            In the box

            The box comes in black with a yellow zig-zag line going from end to end. The top of the box has a unique opening that acts as a flap you can lift up. Opening the box there is more of the unique yellow pattern and in bold black letters the phrase, “Build To Win”. The other part of the shoe box opens up like a normal box would and reveals the cleats.

            On the underside of the other box flap is a quote by Messi himself saying, “No He Ganado nada, hasta que haya ganada todo” or in English ” I’ve won nothing until I’ve won everything”. Also the box has an image of his logo and signature to add bit of personal touch.

            Included in the box is a light blue string bag for the cleats. On the front of the bag is the Messi logo in white and the unique  Messi logo in a pattern-like form. On the bag of the bag is a white Adidas logo. Other then that the only other thing in the box is the cleats themselves in a metallic blue color.


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            Design and structure

            This is the very first signature model cleat for Lionel Messi. Over the years he’s usually used a customized variation of the Adidas F50 adiZero. This is technically his first signature shoe that was made exclusively for him.

            Looking at the build of the shoe it’s clear that these cleats are very similar to the F50 models. This is not the exact shoe that messi actually wears. He wears a custom-made leather material shoe that only he has access to himself. So if you’re buying this cleat with the expectation that you’ll be wearing the same exact cleat that he wears that wont be the case.

            Unlike the Adidas X and Ace this shoe is only available with a synthetic upper.  There is some variation in the type of material used in the design as well. The Adidas Messi 15.1 weighs 7.9 oz(224g).

            On the back of the heel is an internal plastic heal counter. One shoe has the Messi logo and the other has the adidas logo. Step in padding is really comfortable as well so these cleats will feel very comfortable when you’re putting them on. the insole padding is soft as well and on the insole in the cleat has the wording ‘Messi 15.1’ in the same metallic blue color as the cleat itself and the phrase, “Built To Win” in neon yellow.



            The main part of the upper has this interesting dimple-like texture across the front and mid-foot area of the cleat. Adidas termed this the MessiTouch synthetic. It’s a premium-thin synthetic material that feels quite nice to touch. There is a focus of padding in that area as well due to the extra texture incorporated on the shoe.  The shoe is suppose to have a Xray grip system but given the slick look and feel of the synthetic material, that may suggest otherwise.

            The tongue itself runs through the middle of the shoe as you can see from the pictures. It’s made up of the very same thin mesh-like material. At the top of the tongue is an Adidas logo with an extra bit of padding which we assume is for protection or grip.

            Great for players who want a cleat that is thin but not excessively thin and maintains a comfortable cushy-like sensation over the ball. If these are the qualities your looking for then the Adidas Messi 15.1  could work well with you.

            adidas messi 15.1

            Specifics of the cleats

            As far as the rest of the upper there is a distinctive element that runs from the mid-foot back. This is what they call the MessiCage. It’s very bulky something you more commonly seen on shoes for other sports. It’s basically a rubberized cage that sits on the back of the upper and is stitched on the very back of the shoe. It’s not fully attached to the upper. It attaches to the upper by way of the laces so you’ll have two lace wholes that will line up when you lace them up for the first time. This essentially activates the cage structure by wrapping that rubber like cage design you see around your feet. Very similar to the FlyWire cable set-up that Nike implements in their soccer cleats. It doesn’t seem like it has much of an influence to securely lock-down your feet when fully laced up. So it’s ok to assume this feature won’t have a major impact on  your experience.


            Soul Plate and Studs

            The sould plate has a lot of mini cut-outs. Don’t worry though because you won’t just be sitting on the soul plate alone. There is a soul base that sits on top of the soul plate with in the cleat and there is padding between each cut out so you wont feel the cut-outs on the soul-plate. The soulplate itself isn’t all that flexible. It’s pretty stiff but over time should become much more flexible from some wear and tear.

            The stud pattern is called the MessiGambatrax. The soul plate may make it look more unique but the stud pattern is just like an Adidas F50 cleat. The triangular shape bladed studs are well received though. With the very two studs at the tip of the shoe rounded.

            On your feet

            On wearing them they’ll feel really great on your feet. You may feel there are a lot of elements on these cleat that don’t really need to be there. The shoe will feel stiff of course and the cleat itself when looking at them on your feet do look a bit flashy but hey, flashy cleats for flashy players right? What’s important though is that this Adidas Messi 15.1 is super comfortable and your feet will feel secured and locked in with no fear of rollover when cutting and changing direction.

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