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            • - 3D SL rubber for wicked shots
            • - premium K leather upper
            • - transparent outsole with control frame
            • - tough and durable boot


            • - longevity may be in an issue with these boots


            Adidas Predator Instinct FG

            The Adidas predator Instinct cleats are a unique pair of cleats from which we have never seen the likes of before. It seems like Adidas got really experimental with the Predator Instinct. I mean in general there is a lot to discuss about this cleat but before we get into the meat of this lets go over some basics.


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            The Instincts were designed for stability and overall medial and lateral balance. If this is the case then this cleat is well suited for multi-directional midfielders. A position well known for it’s constant quick turning and cutting. The upper is termed by Adidas as K-leather. This upper is of a synthetic upper that is modified to work well with your first-touch and as well as give a nice foot-to-ball reaction when passing. Looking closer at the cleats you will notices this rivet like lining going across the toe where it is separated by a similar rivet like 3d lining near the in-step and outside of area of the cleats.

            What does it do?

            Well, this is Adidas’s 3D SL rubber on the front foot/toe area. The feature here is that it will enhance your passing quality and striking ability. If I’m being honest at first glance it looks like you can put some serious curl on the ball when shooting. I’d also imagine it makes for a really clean strike and long floated pass.


            Off Center Lacing

            This practice is quite common now a days. off-center lacing was introduced in an effort to create cleaner and fuller touches on the ball. Have you’ve ever tried to touch the ball only for your tongue and laces to be in the way? When you strike the ball, especially first-time, you want to make sure your meeting the ball with your cleat as sweetly as possible.


            Click here to see reviews and prices for the Adidas Predator Instinct FG on

            Stud and  Sole Plate

            The outsole is of a transparent nylon material. It was engineerd to aid in balance and quick turning. As you can see the studs are triangular in shape and is really the best of both worlds in terms of conical and bladed studs. The more this review goes on the more you’ll start to realize why these cleat are perfect for the industrial midfieler or the pirlo-like play maker. If your game realizes on accuracy and precision then every little inch counts! The triangular studs will give you both the dig and pivotal qaulities you need in the middle of the pitch. So great for those short little explosions but also great for quick stops and turns.



            The image on the picture reminds me of the Saints. On the back of the heel you’ll find an intersting design in the cleats. Black is a great color for any soccer cleat for a variety of reasons. One being that it won’t get dirty so fast, as opposed to playing in white cleats. Also black is a mixture of a glossy meets leathery combination as you can see from the photos. The 3d SL is definitely welcomed as well with its 45 degree angle on the cleat making it very pleasing on the human eye.

            Personal Thoughts

            I have two teammates who currently use this cleat and they love it. When I asked them what they liked most about it they said it was super comfortable and thick. There is a sense of fullness/completeness when wearing these cleats. When I tried them on they felt supper comfortable although they were already slight broken in. the 3d SL rubber didn’t obstruct my juggling in any way and upon wearing these cleats it’s pretty easy to understand how the design of the rubber will make your shots either unpredictably good or unpredictably horrible.

            I did some quick cutting in turning in these and although it didn’t reflect that of a real game match I felt like if laced up properly these cleats would be a great choice.

            Trying Them On

            As always before you buy anything online make sure you checkout the proper sizing from adidas and get a bit more familiar with your exact feet size as well. When you put them on for the first time try to break out that natural new cleat stiffness. Get some touches, roll the ball the bit and juggle. Don’t wear them directly into a game without breaking them in a little bit. That just goes without saying guys.

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