Adidas X 15+ Primeknit FG/AG Review


Adidas X 15+ Primeknit FG/AG Review













            • - super comfortable knitted tongue
            • - collor extension offers sublime feel
            • - X pattern traction plate offers great stick


            • - Stud pattern doesn't suggest Artifical use
            • - Lace pattern is a bit awkward and could cause lace bite

            Adidas X 15+ Primeknit FG/AG

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            The Adidas X 15+ Primeknit has an upper like no other. The premiere cleat offers an awesome flexible upper that is thin and light as a feather. The cleats also have a gripping texture that will help keep the ball where you need it to be do make a difference.

            There are reinforced layers wrapped around the mid-foot to offer extra stability and agility. So when you’re in an intense game and you need a cleat that can support high-speed cutting and maneuvering the X 15+ should be a first choice.

            It’s been a popular choice among football players as well. A lot of the pros in the English league are rocking these cleats and that must tell us something. If the best players in the world are choosing this cleat high and large then it must be really good.

            Inside the box

            Inside the box you get a string bag to go along with the strings themselves. The bag has the primeknit logo and the Adidas logo as well. Other than that you just get the cleats themselves.


            The Upper Material

            At a glance, the primknit looks like an ordinary x 15.1 instead of an x-skin upper it uses a primeknit upper. This is probably the most significant difference along with other core elements that make this a much better variation of the x 15.1 concept.

            So instead of the X skin synthetic material the upper is knitted and it’s very clearly scene through the polyurethane coating used to protect that material. It’s equally as soft and durable but is a bit thicker due to the softness of the material. This is due to the nature of the knitted material on the upper. This cleat is very comparable to a Hypervenom Phantom in that respect.

            There are non-stop grip dots all along the upper of the cleat. These tiny micro dots run across the upper and up the tongue. It’s suppose to act as a wet control feature but not really a main feature of the cleat. It will help with your control in wet conditions so the ball won’t slip away. So not super noticeable feature.


            Running through the middle is the x cage system that is an extra layers fused in material on the lateral and medial side. When you tie your shoes the cage will tighten up and secure your feet in a nice locked in one to one reaction time. This cleat is very responsive in that aspect so no fear of looseness or rollover.

            The back of the heel has an internal plastic heal counter. The general cut of the shoe is the same to that of the x 15.1 . The techfit collar is made of a primeknit material. The techfit collar has a little lip going around the edge that you wont notice much at all when wearing the shoes. You’ll notice that this cleat doesn’t have a one piece tongue. On the Adidas X 15+ Primeknit, the knitting goes all the way to the bottom of the shoe. The material is all elasticated and basically will wrap around your feet when your putting them on. The collar area goes much deeper into the shoe which offers a much more comfy sensation. Overall it’s much nicer. This cleat maintains a much nicer level of softness around the whole cleat.

            Another big change is the heel liner. instead of the slippery neoprine material its just a standard synthetic leather that will grip your socks much better. This is a very positive enhancement that Adidas made for a premier cleat.

            The insole is fully removable. Just your ordinary  Adidas in-sole thats preforated with the primeknit written along it.


            Click here to see reviews and prices for the Adidas X 15+ Primeknit on

            Sole plate

            The sole plate is unchanged from the pair of X 15.1. The Adidas X 15+ Primeknit  has the same sole plat with a plastic plate underneath. It has a nice solid feel which is a bit stiff at first but should become flexible after some wearing. The cut outs on the sole-plats are similar as well. The X Claw stud pattern is very unique with it’s x angle pattern and triangular shaped studs. You’ll get good grip on firm ground grass. This is a great cleat for someone who frequently plays on firm ground and artificial grass. Though the stud pattern suggest it would perform best on natural grasses.

            The X weighs 8.7 oz(246g) Which is not a lot but you don’t buy this cleat for that reason though.

            Trying on them

            They feel a bit wider on your feet than the Adidas X 15.1 which is good new for the flat-footed players. The primeknit upper is nice and soft on your feet. The heel liner material is really nice because your heel won’t sliding around. It feels nice and secure, the tech-fit collar enclosure goes into the mid-fit with the soft and comfortable primeknit material, it’s like a hammock for your feet! Not much of a break in time required from the first time you put them on. This is probably the best cleat you can buy at the moment.

            Click here to see reviews and prices for the Adidas X 15+ Primeknit on

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