Best Soccer Cleats for 2016/2017


What a great year it looks to be for all football fans and players. I mean Euro 2016 is more than likely going to be a spectacle of skill, technique, flair, despair, joy, triumph and…Cleats! Yes cleats, a colorful spectrum of elite brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma and many more. You know when your watching football and you see a really good player and you see how comfortable that person is in their soccer cleats. So comfortable it makes you think, “Hmmmm if I buy those cleat maybe I can play that style. Yeah, he’s got a style I like.” For must of us that’s about how far we go into finding a suitable cleat. So in an effort to make finding the best cleats in 2016 easy. We’ve put together a list of the best football cleats for 2016-2017. Enjoy!

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The Best Cleats For 2016-2017

UA Speedform LTHR


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These pairs of innovative athletic shoes are for every soccer player ranging from the passionate hobby player to the expert professional athlete. It is available in classic white and black. Both colors enhance the image without taking away from the shoes authentic look and feel.

There is an articulate toe box which is great for any player that has ever suffered from shoe distractions during the game. It limits the amount of space within the shoe to ensure your focus can remain on your skills and game.

The material of the shoe imitates leather giving you the awesome touch similar to leather without the hassle of over stretch and water absorption issues. The interior of the sneaker is a neon green adding a pop of color to the shoe’s simplistic design.

This UA Speedform sneaker is lightweight making it an ideal athletic shoe for the most serious athlete. Any player wearing this shoe should be prepared for the quality, innovation, and sleek style this shoe offers.

Adidas Ace 16+ Pure Control FG/AG


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What a treat for the eyes to start out with. The Adidas Ace 16+ Pure Control cleats are futuristic, colorful and detailed. The Ace 16+ is bleeding epicness all over the place. This is Adidas’s first lace-less soccer cleat and you just can’t help but associate a grandma making these with knitters. I’ll have you know it that Adidas actually termed the upper of the cleat as ‘PrimeKnit‘. Go figure eh?

You literally slip in to these suckers and the shoe will literally mold and contour to the shape of your feet. The Ace 16+ could be a real game changer for a lot of players. Especially the chance creating players who use their flair to change the game at any given moment. On your forefoot there are no ends so when your touching the ball you’re essentially make full contact with no interference. If that’s not enough there is a Non Stop Grip coating of raised dots will help the ball stick to your feet in the wettest of conditions. I’d buy these cleats just to tell people I’m from a distant planet in another galaxy.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Neymar Jr.


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If you haven’t read our review on the Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Neymar Jr. signature colorway cleats then do have a look. These are some seriously expressive cleats. The art on these cleats are somewhat similar to modern day graffiti. If aesthetics was a language then it’d be fair to say that these cleats are doing plenty of talking. The Ousadia Alegria cleats are you’re modern day Hypervenom Phantom II. Nothing really new with the cleat itself but the experience is really all in the imagery of the cleat.

The synthetic material is a bit different from the regular Hypervenom Phantom II. It’s of a high-quality and makes for a better feel overall. The cleats aren’t overly thin to provide enough cushion for when your pressing down on the ball.

When your feet are locked in the cleat automatically is designed to become responsive to your movements and the flywire cable set up will aid in that responsiveness by locking your foot in so there will be no fear of rollover. This also will enhance your foots reaction time which is a huge plus.

Nike Mercurial Superfly FG


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All I really have to say is Cristiano Ronaldo wears these. Boom! onto the next cleat. But instead I want to briefly examine how this cleat has remained in our top cleats since last years edition of the best soccer cleats for 2015/2016.

If you take a close look and compare these cleats to the Hypervenom Phantom II then you’ll notice the difference is really in the the dynamic fit collar and studs. If cleats could be termed as high-tops then these would be a classic example of high-tops in the form of a soccer cleat. The Brio Cables are sewn directly into the upper of the cleat and act as an elasticating force that will aid by jolting you forward from the heal to the toe. These are a very responsive cleat and the responsiveness of the cleat allows for a much cleaner touch and pass by reducing the space between the cleat, your feet and the ball. The studs bladed for traction and stability made from thermoplastic polyurethane material.These are the lightest pair of the Nike Mercurial legacy.

Puma evo SPEED SL FG


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Enough can’t be said about the Puma evoSpeed Sl. It’s all in the name really but to go a bit deeper, figuratively speaking, the cleat is as light as a feather. The “SL” is an acronym for ‘super light’. We are looking at a very thin and cleanly designed soccer cleat and the weight of the cleat tells u s everything at 3.5oz. Speed is it’s main attribute and comfort may have been sacrificed as a result.

The upper is of a thin textiley material material that offers a cool textured appearance. The outsole is a nylon base that implements a mixture of conical and bladed studs for the dig you need when sprinting but the pivotal attributes you look for when it’s time to get technical.

The Puma evoSPEED SL is definitely a world class cleat for the Usain Bolt type strikers and wingers looking to enhance their pace even more. Never mind the loud yellow color in this picture these cleats come in a variety of colors.

Nike Tiempo Legacy II FG


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On a more affordable note, the Nike Tiempo Legacy II are exactly what I look for in a quality soccer cleat. Just observe the upper material on the cleat. The upper is made up from real premium calf leather just simply looks authentic but at the same time performance enhancing. The softness of the leather will literally absorb the force of the ball! It will be a real treat to run around in these kicks!

The Legacy II cleats are the result as an attempt on Nike’s part to create a more high quality and budget friendly soccer cleat. This is a universal soccer cleat and by that I mean it’s suitable for all types of players regardless of your position or style of play. Again we see the conical studs in the front half of the cleat and bladed studs near the heal. So you get the push you need when exploding but the stop and turning qualities are still there. There is also a sock-liner with a foam bed in the heal that maximizes your comfort and provides great cushioning.

Coming in this metallicy red color anyone rocking these will surely dominate. Again a great cleat for anyone who wants something new but still very affordable.

Adidas X 15+ Primeknit FG


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No one can blame Adidas for realizing how revolutionary the fit collar really is. They’ve modified and implemented it into their soccer cleats and it looks really good. If you ask me there is no tongue, traditionally speaking that is. Adidas is using a one piece primeknit collar and tongue so your feet can slide right in and feel secure all game.

The upper is also apart of Adidas primeknit material and it’s blanketed by a 3d vacuum skin that offers a flypaper like grip on the ball in the worst of weather conditions. It’s almost like Adidas worked closely with NASA on enhancing their new line of cleats. Eventually I’ll be writing about how some cleats can achieve warp speed and have ‘blackhole’ like first touch on the ball!

The X Claw traction plate is pretty unique as well as it comes in an on and off color studs. They look triangular at first glance but it’s not exactly clear what it is. For the sake of not leaving you in air I’d say they’re triangularly bladed studs with a cluster of mini studs to enhance traction. This suggest it was engineered to support the speedsters and the stop and turn play makers. What I like most is The Adidas X 15+ has this camo-like pattern that gives you this bit of an industrial look.

Adidas Messi 15.1


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I know we included this in last year’s edition of the best cleats but it’s well apparent that there some modifications on this cleat. First of all take a look at the upper. Compare it to the upper of the Messi cleat from last year. It seems that Adidas have gotten rid of that dimple like texture. It also looks like they completely changed the upper all together. There was some disappointment in the football community over the design and feel of the original Messi’s.

The new upper on the Messi 15.1’s have the look of snake skin. the texture of the material at first glance looks much better than what it did before. Another great thing is the cage on the cleat looks like its become more inclusive in the actually act of securely locking your feet in making the cleat look much more responsive.

Kudos to Adidas for upgrading this bad boy and making it much much more appealing, not just for aesthetics but for true football enhancing qualities. No less should be thought of for a cleat named after the world’s greatest player.

New Balance Visaro Pro FG (Wide 2e)


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Saw Aaron Ramsey rocking these for Manchester United Vs Arsenal. New Balance has done all flat-footed players a solid by creating a soccer cleat that comes in both standard and wide width.  This high-end cleat is a bit more budget friendly being that is a premier cleat worn by professionals.

The upper on the cleat is a soft synthetic texturized material. When closely observing you’ll notice a pattern of dimples that runs along the upper synthetic. I think these cleats will offer a unique experience in regards to touching and shooting the ball. They definitely look well padded and the conical studs suggest this cleat is for the topsy turnsy type of player.

There is a memory foam lining that will cushion your feet. You can play hard and get the support your feet need. Well done New Balance!

Nike Mercurial Vapor X FG


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The Vapor X by Nike is for the speedsters again. So if you’re a fullback, winger or striker please pay attention. This cleat was made for people are ready for the challenge of using pure tenacity to bolt pass their opponents. The bladed stud structure certainly suggest so.

The upper is made from teijin. This is a lightweight synthetic material with micro textured divots in the cleat. It looks like it will be really great for overall touch and feel an the ball. The Vapor X also has a compressed nylon chassis footplate that will move as one with your foot physically speaking.

The focus of comfort is in the perforated sock-liner that implements a textile top cloth for maximum cushion on your feet. This sleek design and awesome bladed stud structure is great for natural and firm ground pitches.

Closing thoughts

There are a lot of great cleats out their. I know we might of left some good quality cleats out. We based our selection off aesthetics, features and overall gut feelings. So in that respect we would love to hear what you guys think and I will keep adding to this last as time goes on. Check back for additions to this list!

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