Best Soccer Cleats under 100 Dollars in 2016

best soccer cleats under 100 dollars in 2016When it comes to sports accessories one can become lost in a sea of types, brands, and possibilities. Differentiating between them all can almost become a full-time job of its own. Relief and shopping ease are now available thanks to this guide to choosing the best soccer cleats under 100 dollars. If you are still unsure what direction to go on your search there is additional guides and reviews are available here.

How to Choose Soccer Cleats


A great place to begin the search for the best cleats is to consider the top position in which you would play. Once you have the positions narrowed down it is time to consider why it is that you would want to be in that role. Every person who is playing the game has their own style and way in which they will be using their shoes. Also, each position has a type of shoe in which is recommended. The following are the primary roles on the field.

  • Goalkeepers need a shoe to move quickly.
  • Defensive players need a boot with more protection.
  • Midfielders need a shoe with more comfort.
  • Wingers need a boot that is light and offers a quick movement.
  • Forwards need a shoe offering explosive movements.


The pitch is another name for the playing surface. A player who is going to be on wet or muddy surfaces will need a different shoe than a player on artificial turf. The following surface types are the most common you will come across.

  • FG – Firm Ground best for real grass surfaces that are dry. Accepted now as an additional option for the latest in artificial surfaces.
  • SG – Soft Ground best on the softer surface. This is ideal for rainy field conditions and often has replaceable cleats should they become lost or stuck in the pitch surface.
  • AG – Artificial Ground AG is specific to newer turf Often not to be used on FG pitch though becoming one and the same as time goes by.
  • HG – Hard ground is a shoe that is being allowed to run out and is being replaced as quantities diminish. Those that remain can be considered ideal on dry surfaces. Also great for bare grassless areas. Offer conical studs and a low profile for key balance. FG surfaces are a good match too.
  • AT – Turf These shoes feature a very low profile. One will find that cleats are concentrated with a number of small conical rubber studs. Great to wear on any sort of turf surface.
  • IN – Indoor designed for any sort of court like soccer play where one is offered a flat surface that is solid.


Many materials can be found in the best soccer shoes. Those products include the following.

  • K-Leather
  • Natural Leather
  • Synthetic Leather
  • Synthetic
  • Mesh
  • Knit


When shopping for soccer shoes the following categories are available depending on the brand and should be considered in the overall purchase decisions.

  • Control – designed for the ultimate in overall ball control.
  • Power – designed to offer an added ump to ball distance entering the strike zone with a bit more force.
  • Speed – designed to offer a lightweight feel in regards to the boot.
  • Hybrid – designed to morph multiple categories into a single shoe.
  • Heritage – designed for maximum comfort and durability with more leather than technology found in each pair.

Sizing Advice

Overall when it comes to soccer cleats the ideal fit is a snug fit. This allows for some stretch to occur while being broken in and still maintaining a great fit. You want the toe of the wearer’s foot to be as close as possible to the tip of the shoe with no more than 1/2-inch gap at the most.

Soccer shoes across the board tend to run smaller than the everyday shoe. It is recommended to go up 1/2 to 1 entire size when ordering. When ordering online it is best to head to the local store to try on the selections being contemplated to aid in the sizing prior to ordering.

Reviews of the Best Soccer Cleats Under 100 Dollars

Nike Mercurial Victory V FG Soccer Cleat


Click here to see reviews and prices for the Nike Mercurial Victory V FG on

A soccer cleat that will remain just as sharp after playing in the mud as the day it was bought and brought home.


The Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory V Fg Soccer Cleat is in a class all its own when it comes to the bright colors, durable style, and customer satisfaction. This Nike is super light on the feet and provides traction in an excellent fashion.


  • Synthetic leather materials
  • Best for firm and natural surfaces
  • Soles are manmade
  • Full game comfort; low pro styling

Positives and Negatives

The shoe offers great traction while remaining a very lightweight shoe. Quality is true to the Nike name and logo making for a tough shoe.

Typical for Nike shoe line the Men’s Mercurial Victory V FG Soccer cleat runs smaller than actual sizing. It is recommended that one tries them on at the local store prior to making their purchase online.

Customer feedback

Across the board, regardless the star level, the primary customer feedback states that the Men’s Mercurial Victory V Fg Soccer cleat is a shoe, like most Nikes, that will run smaller than actual sizes. Those not taking the time to try on in advance will find they ordered a shoe that will not fit properly.

Adidas Messi 15.3 Soccer Cleat Review

adidas messi 15.3

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Adidas Messi 15.3 Soccer on

A soccer cleat that offers a very bright and classy design while offering all the needed requirements of a great cleat.


Adidas Performance Men’s Messi 15.3 Soccer Cleat offers a price that every pocketbook can afford. Vibrant colors are always a classic want in the cleat field and the Adidas Messi holds up above par.

The Messi 15.1 is the top of the line showing this Messi 15.3 is above grade perfection at a much lower overall everyday price factor. Shoe runs a little small and much narrower than alternate brands, so it is recommended to purchase up to 1/2 the normally worn size.


  • Synthetic leather and soles; imported product
  • Best precision with every touch
  • Offers a lethal grip on the ball
  • Full game agility on artificial and firm ground 

Positives and Negatives

Fantastic and lightweight shoe that makes you almost think you are actually barefooted while wearing them.

Adidas Performance Men’s Messi 15.3 Soccer Cleat-like most lower priced cleats are not available in the men’s larger sizes. This cleat is also on the narrower side.

Customer feedback

Across the board, many customers remarked that the Adidas Performance Men’s Messi 15.3 Soccer Cleat runs smaller than actual sizes. Those who previously purchased recommend ordering 1/2 to 1 size larger than regular everyday shoes.

Adidas Performance Men’s Messi 15.3 Soccer Cleat are very narrow, so much more so than most customers realize. Recommendation id to try on locally before ordering to ensure proper fit.

Although these are imported they have the same classic functionality, durability, and overall high quality as any non-imported variety. 

Final Thoughts

Although not even touching the tip of even one iceberg in regards to reviewing the mass number of cleat brands, types, and varieties this review was made as a basic guide to help ease the decisions in which soccer cleats are concerned. Each of the above reviews is for the best soccer cleats under 100 dollars but offerings hold a much higher priced fee, and quality enabling customers to be rewarded with a pleasant buying experience.

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