Are the Best Soccer Shoes Always Expensive?

When player a sport, it is always important for an athlete to have reliable gear that offers a high level of performance. But does good gear always have to be expensive? You may wonder what the difference really is between a $50 pair of soccer cleats and a $200 pair. Does price really make a difference in performance?

Today we’re going to look at some of the top performing soccer cleats and their relative price ranges.

Adidas Predator LZ


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One of the top rated soccer cleats of all time, the Predator LZ offers improved handling and ball control. This comfortable shoe offers five specific zones for precision performance: first touch, drive, pass, dribble, and sweet spot.An older design, this cleat can be found online at discounted and used prices for as little as $50.

Nike CTR360 Maestri II


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Another of the best soccer shoes on the market is the Maestri II. This cleat is specifically designed for improved passing and ball control; extra attention was put into the manufacturing of the instep for this purpose. Another older design, this cleat can be purchased online for $60-$100 on eBay.

Adidas NitroCharge 1.0 FG


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This light-weight cleat is designed for speed and enduring performance. Through game after game, the advanced designed of this shoe will continue to deliver high-level results. The shoe can be bought brand new online for as little as $50, though if you’re looking for a specific design or color scheme; they can cost a bit more.

Nike Magista Obra


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In the higher price range, the Magista Obra offers superior comfort. With a sock-like high-top extension, this cleat helps its wearer to feel at home on all types of turf. As mentioned, this shoe may be out of the price range of some players. New, it can cost $200-$300. Prices for used Magista Obras vary widely.

When all is said and done, do soccer cleats need to be very expensive in order to offer high performance? The short answer is No. Players can find some of the top-rated shoes of all time for as low as $50, as long as they are willing to shop around and utilize eBay and other web-based merchants.


On top of that, each of these cleats offers different features. They are not one-style-fits-all. It’s important to find a shoe that works for you and for your needs—one that makes you feel comfortable and in control.

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