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Best Soccer Skills

This is what its all about! Having good football skills is more than just the ability to twinkle toe pass your opponents and score goals effortlessly. Having the best soccer skills is paramount to football, that is, having the skills to pay the bills. Lets be honest, this sport is built on the premise of technique,finesse and flair. Without such, the sport is merely athletes running up and down a pitch like headless chickens.

You are never too old or too young to start improving your football ability, that’s why we love this sport! Whether you are a toddler desperate to feed your mind some footy knowledge or your the 50 year-old dog that can still learn new tricks, at the best soccer cleats  we want you to push yourself beyond your comfort zone everyday! There’s no satisfaction like knowing you pushed yourself to the breaking point. Knowing you gave it your all and have no regrets looking back. Here’s a list of the 5 best soccer skills you must have.

1.First Touch

The almighty first touch… It can make you or break you at any moment in a matter of seconds. This my friends is the epitome of football everywhere in the world. Your first touch can decide whether your lifting trophies, being scouted by professional teams and driving the car of your dreams or playing in a Sunday league where half of your team doesn’t show up because they are too hungover from the night before.(Sometimes the quality of Amateur League football is no joke either though!!!) Your first touch isn’t always about stopping the ball dead. It should be used to your advantage against an opponent. When you’re running to receive a pass and a defender is on your tail your first touch can help you get away from your opponent. Check out this clip of the F2 freestylers, two footballing masterminds who would be professors at Harvard if soccer was a major.

Find a buddy and work on your first touch, if you don’t have any friends then find a wall, preferably an unoccupied building or the side of your house will do just fine. Remember it’s ok to expect a crisp pass from your mate, but you should aim for a more realistic, high-intensity hard pass. Think about it, if you can control the worst passes then imagine what you can do with the perfect ones.

2.Ball Control

Without this you are Nothing! OK, that’s not true but your soccer life/career can be made a loads easier if you take the time to get comfortable with the ball. This is numero dos on our list because without proper ball control you can never really prosper as a footballer and enjoy the finer tunes of the sport. No ball control makes you unpredictable and most importantly, last choice in any coaches mind. Take a moment and get comfortable with the ball, maybe go out to eat? Watch a movie together? Room for two? Or take a look at this video by Freekickerz. The kid in this video shows you 25 ways to gauge your ball control abilities. These moves can also be used as dribbling moves but before you use them on your opponent you should take a moment, practice them by yourself until you’re comfortable.

How many were you able to do? Test yourself then give yourself a grade out of 25. Feel free to focus on any specific move that caters to your style. It’s important to take note of how smooth you can do this. Do it so much that it becomes an instinctive reaction, to the point where you can be in another state of mind but still doing these ball control techniques flawlessly. This will do wonders for your foot-eye coordination as well as properly strengthening your muscle-to-ball memory. Some of these moves will certainly come in handy in a 1v1 situation.Which one you ask? Well that’s up to you!


Passing plays a pivotal role in the game. Its a team sport and unless you got this inept ‘know-how’ to beat every player ability you’re going to need to pass the ball. Sure, you may have encountered that one player who can do it all by himself/herself. Being a great individual player doesn’t mean you are a great team player. You need to decide what is more important to you. That being said, if you can make a decent pass and your teammates leave more to be asked with their ball control and first touch, then maybe being an individual player is the better choice. Never mind that though because at the level we believe you want to play at, which is, the highest level possible. You will only be surrounded by the best. High intensity passing drills are the best way to imitate a real game situation. As in accordance, take a look at this video of a high intensity passing exercise by none other then FC Bayern Munich.

If you your team is anything similar to this then that’s great! You guys are surely on your way to the top if you aren’t already. This level of plays takes years and years of perfecting your first touch, reaction-time and passing ability. Let’s just say mastering this type of play won’t happen over night. This is why a team like FC Bayern Munich is one the best clubs in the world. They create intense game like situations, probably more intense then the actual game itself. Try to get to this level with your team on passing ability. If your team can pass like this, the other team will never get the ball.


Often the most personally practiced and easily the most fun drill is shooting on goal. One of the main reasons we love the beautiful game is because of scoring. We love goals because nothing can create a more meaningful moment in football than a beautiful goal, especially a game-winning goal. The rush of adrenaline pumping through the veins of anxious supporters as they watch and hope their team or country can make them proud. Scoring goals can make you a hero and not scoring them can make you a..yeah, you get it. Nevertheless if you have bypassed the last 3 important skills now is the time to pay attention because you should never take the opportunity to score a goal for granted. Having the correct technique and body posture will allow you to score the most sensational goals. Remember its not all about power, this is an overly emphasized aspect of shooting and heading that is far from the truth. Yes, you need to put some force on the ball to get it into the goal, that’s simple physics. Your accuracy, placement and technique will all factor into how well you’re doing that. The best footballers make it look easy and the worst make it look like a blind man trying to thread a needle. Start simple then work your way up.


This is what separates the boys from the men. The ability at any given moment to change the game. Having the ability to improvise on the football pitch can bamboozle opponents and almost always put you, or your teammates in goal scoring opportunities. This is essentially, to make something out of nothing given an adverse situation. For example, you’ve just been given a poorly timed pass from your teammate. You can still get to it but two defenders are coming from opposite ends. What would you do? When you improvise there is no preparation and all you have is your reflexes and instinctive reaction. Take note, this does not mean you should imitate Ronaldo and start doing step-overs as fast as you can. You should have some basic skill moves that you have practiced on your own and developed over time to a point where if you are in a situation you could use those skills to help you. Get it? Take a look at some of the most flashiest improvisation moves in the world of football. We leave you with this clip from Viva Futbol, More than a passion, a religion!

As you can see these players find themselves in less fortunate situations(or do they?)and make the best of them with their abilities. There is no reason why you cant do this with just a little bit of practice. Start with one move that appeals to you, master it and then take it to the field. Try it against another team, teammate or friend and own it. Perfect the timing of the move, anticipation and pace of the moment.

There is nothing wrong with reassuring yourself that you are on top of your game. If you find yourself lacking in these quality of good football skills then get to work! Time waits for no one and the sooner you get to it the easier it’s going to get. So there ya go these are the best soccer skills you must have to be a successful player.


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