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Improve your game with our soccer counseling program. This part of our website offers expert advice on fitness drills, technical skills and product recommendations to suite,compliment and enhance your footballing abilities.

We get questions all the time from parents asking us what product we would recommend for their son or daughter. Also, amateur footballers often asking questions about what skills they should work on to compliment their abilities for specific positions( i.e. Winger, full-back, Striker).

We all have an idea of where we want our footballing abilities to be at but at certain points in our progression we hit roadblocks. Football and life is all about overcoming these obstacles and we would like to help you!

Nothing feels better than overcoming something that takes lots and lots of hard work and commitment. So lets get started!

Here’s how it works,

Leave a comment and we will reply in no less than 24-48 hours with information specifically answering your question/s. Your message will be received by current or former players who will offer you the best hands on advice for free!

our expert advice mainly includes questions about(but not limited to):

*If your curious about a pair of soccer cleats.

*You are want to know what skills you need to work on/focus on in a certain position.

*Fitness drills that will recreate the same cardio intensity of playing in a real 90-minute match as well as drills that are good for warm ups.

*Soccer hacks to help you overcoming product malfunctions.

* All other general questions are welcomed as well!

This service is 100% FREE, so you have nothing to lose!

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Richard Alvarez
Richard Alvarez
6 months 8 days ago

I could really use some help, I’ve been thrust into coaching a U-8 team. It’s a rec league and the skill levels vary drastically. I would love some advice on drills I can use to help teach the kids positioning, touch, passing, and keeping their shape.

Also, I play as well and would love some drills to work on conditioning.

Thank you!

5 months 23 days ago
Hey Richard, have you ever heard of If you google it you’ll find a load of resources on free-training that will be beneficial and fun to the kids football development.At this point whats most important is that the kids are having fun. How serious is the team? Did the kids have to try-out to make it? If it’s more recreational, to the point where the parents just want to see their son/daughter running around then I’d say work on some simple 1-2 pass and move techniques. Kids love games, set up some cones a meter or so apart and… Read more »
5 days 17 hours ago

HI. Is there a soccer shoe that is better for a heavier weight 13 year old? My son plays mid-field, defender, and sometimes goal but he is a big kid at 155 pounds. Looking for a shoe that will give him some support while ensuring ball maneuvability. Thanks for any suggestions!