Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Neymar Jr.


Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Neymar JR.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Neymar JR.












            • - Aestechially pleasing design
            • - Conical studs for strong pivot and turning
            • - Responive in securing your feet
            • - NikeSkin technology


            • - More expensive version of the hypervenom
            • - Mid-cut design can be a bit uncomfortable
            • - No real ankle support

            Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Neymar Jr.

            The Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Neymar Jr. are a master class of aesthetically pleasing looks mixed with a hypervenom. This is great because the hypervenom is a great cleat and brings all the qualities that a high performing cleat should. Dance around the ball and make your opponents look silly in these babies.

            Brand new Neymar signature colorway ousidia alegria shoe boxes.There will be a limited edition of 1,000 shoe boxes with the ousidia alegria color scheme.


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            Inside the box are the cleats themselves and you also get a string bag for the cleats, black in color with black strings. This is the first signature color scheme for Neymar and the hypervenom phantom II. Aside from the colors. it’s basically a hypervenom 2 with no major differences at all. So performance wise, there is nothing enhanced or optimized except for the signature color scheme on these cleats.

            The design was made by Bruno Big who in essence, wanted to create a graphic that could represent what Neymar is all about, Boldness and happiness. What he did was was create two different symbols to describe Neymar. One shoe is the ousadia and the other shoe is the alegria. The right shoe is a symbol of a fist and the left shoe is a symbol of a heart. The images are also printed on the inner-sole pads inside the cleats. The graphics really do pop out at you with the contrasting color scheme. In an interesting very modern font spells out “Neymar” near the ankle is the crimson orange color.Also another cool little thing worth mentioning is there alelgria and ousadia is also printed on the ends of the laces.


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            So as previously stated, these are basically a Nike phantom 2. You’re not really getting anything different in this cleat except for an unique experience. The cleats upper features Nike-Skin technology using a very thin material. Not as thing as the Nike mercurial vapor 10. The feel is a bit thicker and stiffer. it doesn’t have that softness that you would expect form a higher end synthetic cleat. which isn’t necessarily a bad thing material your either going to love or hate this cleat.


            Very Responsive Cleat

            If you want that no extra padding, thin touch on the ball then that’s exactly what this cleats provide. The shoe is very responsive and tie the laces tight your feet will feel secured and locked in place so when your making quick cuts and changes of direction. No worries as the response is pretty much instant. There’s no rollovers or movement to the upper and you get that quick 1-to-1 reaction time which is very important for high-intensity matches.

            The hypvervenom phantom II design is probably the most responsive cleat currently available on the market. A part of the reason for this is the stiffer material in the shoe and they also have flywire cables running into the cleat laterally and medially. So when you pull on your laces to tighten your shoe the flywire cables pull as well to comfortable secure and lock your feet in place.



            The texture is unique but shouldn’t make much of a difference on your touch as the imprints are more like flex grooves to accommodate for the lack of softness in the upper. If you’re coming from a hypervenom 2 to these cleats then just know that it is of a completely different synthetic material even though the skin of the cleats is the same as a regular hypervenom 2.

            All conditions control feature is pretty interesting as well. This feature acts as your wet-ball control element to aid in better control in wet weather playing conditions. Not a real make or break feature or something you’re going to consider when playing in wet conditions.


            Elasticated Structure

            The laces are off center to allow for a skin to ball touch. There is an elasticated tongue that is attached to the upper on the inside so you wont have to worry about it sliding to left or right side. When you put your feet inside the shoe the show will stretch open then quickly wrap around your foot due to its elasticated structure. This again makes your feet feel secure and locked in. The extension and fit collar are elasticated as well and although it doesn’t provide any real benefits, it’s a different feel overall. There’s no restrictiveness or ankle support. These are a mid-cut design shoe as well so whether you prefer mid-cut or standard cut you can choose.


            Soul plate & Studs

            The soul plate and stud pattern look very similar to a 1st generation hypervenom model. The soul plate features a bright crimson base as well plated over by a black translucent stud plate with the crimson studs.This is the compressed nylon soul plate that does have some decent stiffness and will become more flexible  over time. Conical studs instead of bladed ones. Conical studs won’t give you  as much umph as you’d get with bladed studs when exploding, but they still dig into the ground quite well. They also help to aid in your cuts and pivots.

            So if you’re interested in something sleek, sturdy and and light on your feet then then the hypervenom phantom 2 Neymar’s are a pretty solid choice.

            Trying them on:

            As with any new pair of cleats it’s important to break them in and relieve some of the stiffness that comes with new cleats. Don’t wear these straight into a game. Have a bit of a breaking them in session with the ball. Try to get comfortable with the new feel with some juggling as well as kicking the ball up high and working out that first-touch. If the cleats don’t feel right when you’re trying them on then return them. The mid-cut style isn’t for everyone and you can exchange them for a standard cut pair which may be more preferred.

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