Nike Hypervenom Phelon II Fg Soccer Cleat Review


A young man by the name of Raul requested this review. He wanted two cleats reviewed. However, we can only do one review at a time so Raul chose the Nike Hypervenom Phelon II. It isn’t a soccer cleat I would have necessarily tried, as it is in a lower price range than the soccer cleats I would normally wear.  But I must admit I was pleasantly surprised.

If you’re looking for a simple but effective soccer cleats, the Nike Hypervenom Phelon II Fg is an option that is certainly worth considering. Nike suggest they developed the boot to provide agility when you’re playing on short-grass pitches. The cleat provides exceptional traction. It has been designed to lock the foot using a design that anatomically fits the foot. Ball control is important, and the Phelon II has a textured forefoot that ensures it delivers the control you need during the game to help keep the ball where you need it to be to make a difference.

Nike has taken some effort in thinking about what an ideal soccer cleat should be like. Agilty has been a major factor in the design of the boots. They include forefoot blades and a split-toe design. Nike have gone out of their way to make the cleats ideal in firm ground situations, including Firm Ground studs (what’s why they are ‘fg’), specifically designed to provide confidence on short grass pitches. This means that when you’re in a tight game and you’re trusting a cleat to support – maneuvering and high speed cutting, the Phelon II will shine as a first choice option.

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About the Shoe

The upper is synthetic leather. It is textured to provide improved touch. They have included an asymmetric lacing system that expands the strike zone and the ball control area. The laces push to the side of your foot, giving you a broader ‘sweet spot’.

When I first opened the box, the first thing I noticed was the stylish color scheme. A yellow soleplate, with black studs. The upper is white, with the Nike swish at the heel and across the front of the shoe, and a yellow-and-black pattern all working together to make a statement. For the price (about $75) depending on the size; you would be hard-pressed to find a shoe that makes more of a visual impact. While I chose the white option, two other color choices are available.

First Impressions

When I looked at the shoe, I expected the upper to feel firm. It was actually softer than I expected. Nike call the material Ten.O trophy synthetic. This is their alternative to the Nike skin. It is also light. I wouldn’t say that the shoe is as soft as or as light weight other Nike options (such as the Phantom or Mercurial Vapor). But when you consider it is considerably less expensive than either of those options, it is an incredibly soft, light shoe.

Testing  the Shoe

The shoe feels really great when you try it on. It has been described as ‘fitting like a glove’. It was certainly comfortable. It is a ‘striker’s boot’, so has been designed to maximize the striking zone. The studs are well-positioned to provide both comfort and control. The studs are conical. That’s a design that provides more ability to make quick movements when you’re needing to be agile on the soccer pitch. The Phelon II includes a molded, perforated sock liner. This is designed to cushion the foot, reducing stud pressure to make sure your feet are comfortable throughout the game.

I like a wide fitting shoe, and I found that the Phelon II accommodated my foot very comfortably. There was a little tightness at first, but I didn’t notice this once I had worn them in. There were no issues with comfort during my testing. It didn’t mold to my foot as quickly as the more expensive options, but it still delivered against expectations in their ability to be form-fitting. Nike has other options in their range, and in terms of comfort and fit, the Phelon II performed at least as well as the more expensive Mercurial Victory.

How did the Phelon II perform on the pitch? I had no problems. I found the boots performed nicely, and played normally. Don’t mistake me – I have played in Mercurial Vapor and Phantom shoes. I would say that the Phelon II didn’t make me feel as ‘close to the ball’ as the premium options. However, once you’re out on the pitch, playing, your mind is on the game, not the shoes. At the end of the game, I felt satisfied that the shoes had done everything expected of them. They performed well, and certainly answered any question asked of them.


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Value for Money

It is hard to measure durability from one game, but other customer reviews show that the Phelon II will stand up well for a season-long soccer cleat. As long as you bear in mind that the shoe is in the medium price range, you won’t be disappointed with a pair.

What Others Think

I noted that I have wide feet, and found that they molded to my feet well. Others who have narrow feet have told me that the ease of adjustment means that the Phelon II works perfectly well for them. I felt that the lacing layout and soft feel made them a great shoe for striking. Others have echoed this perception, noting that the Phelon II is great for shooting. Some people suggest that you need to buy the Phelon II in a slightly larger size than you would normally wear. I didn’t find this to be the case, so it is going to be a question of personal comfort.


Click here to see reviews and prices for the Nike Hypervenom Phelon II FG on


The Phelon II is on the market in the ‘under $100’ range. Mine had a $75 ticket price. For that price, you are buying a soccer cleat that gives agility and the ability to make quick movements. The shoe fits like a glove, molds nicely to your foot, is surprisingly soft, and gives great strike control. There are no issues with comfort or durability. If you’re looking for a cost-effective soccer cleat, the Phelon II is going to be a great option.

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