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The market for Soccer cleats has wide a spectrum of options depending on your particular needs/desires and your budget, with the Nike Magista Onda II fitting in nears the lower end of that spectrum.  The lowest level boot in Nike’s Magista line, the Onda has a relatively cheap outward appearance but doesn’t have necessarily as cheap of feel.   This cleat is the picture of getting what you pay for.  It is cheaper than the next level up in the Magista line, the Orden II and well off of the top end of this line at $350 Magista Obra II AG-PRO iD. All that being said, the shoes has nice responsiveness, and at this pricing point appears to be solidly made and wouldn’t be a shoe that I would shy away from if this is what my budget demand.

This cleat is build for short-grass pitches where the play may be slightly wet.  The cleat and its studs are not meant for a particularly muddy situation, but would hold out for short periods.  This is a Firm-ground (FG) cleat but the design and layout of the studs is really meant to promote high rotational traction and should hold the ankle firm as you move through most game time situations.  A mixture of conical and curved blade shaped studs is a change from the previous Magista Onda which is feature upgrade across the entire Magista line.


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Shoe Characteristics

Gone is the mesh type design that covered the Magista Onda which has been replaced by a raised surface texture. The entire upper is a synthetic leather that is designed for enhanced ball control which has good softness but has the appearance of being of a lower quality which is not to unexpected considering the price point for this boot.  Nike claims the “Allover texture amplifies ball touch” which may be true of the upper models in the Magista line, but the texture on the Onda II is simply for visual appearance.

Unlike higher level shoes where the texture is added as part of the standard upper construction, these raised bumps on this model are simply added material which adds weight but little effect to ball control.  The vamp of this shoe is fairly standard otherwise. Overall and slightly surprising, the weigh on the Magista Onda II matches that of the Orden II then higher model in the line which is a plus for the Onda II because it doesn’t have a heavy feel. The asymmetrical lacing structure shits more centerline as you move to the top of the shoe but will give a decent level of ball control for this level of shoe.  The heel counter gives a solid surround for the foot and is enhanced by the low cut design which fits to the foot nicely.  The insole liner is glued into the cleat but a perforated sock liner does add additional cushioning.

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In addition there is sufficient breath ability which does add to the comfort level for this cleat.  Moving to the bottom of the cleat, the Onda II has a solid synthetic base with improved stud positioning and design that is standard in the Magista line.  Providing a sturdy base but ample ability to maneuver, the outsole is of high quality for this priced shoe.

The Magista Onda II comes in two possible color sets; a volt yellow, orange accent, jade interior, black Nike swoop or the black all around with orange highlighted Nike Swoop and Orange insole.  The cleat is constructed with the average user in and will fit most feat widths.  However, as is typical with the Magista line, the shoe does run approximately ½ size small and this should be considered when purchasing.

First Impressions and Wear ability:

As this is not the top of the line model in the Magista (or any line), there are some sacrifices that must be made when comparing this shoe, and its place in the larger soccer cleat marketplace.  The synthetic upper and vamp do give the shoe an overall cheap look.  While the upper is still textured and should provide a somewhat improved grip and feel for the ball, it does detract from the visual appeal of the shoe.

In addition, there are wear concerns in the volt colored version where scuff marks will show easily and distract from the visual appeal of the cleat. The one upgrade that is striking in this mid to lower tier shoes is the padded foam tongue. Simple in construction, the design should allow for ample air flow and comfort.  The cleats looks to fit snug and form fit around the foot and the low profile will help with ankle comfort.

The close fit will definitely help with responsiveness, not only when striking but also in controlling a ball. Along those lines of performance, the blades and cones are long enough that a wear would be able to handle the flow of the game as this cleat does to offer superb rotational control on firm ground. The outsole is made for grip and speed on the pitch. For flexibility and the ability to properly strike the ball, soleplates is designed to allow the wearer to arch their foot downwards.

Value for the Money

Price for quality is where the Magista Onda II cleat finds its place in the world of mid to lower tier cleat.  Price identically to the Nike Hypervenom Phelon II (another mid to lower tier cleat), the Onda II may look cheaper, but on this account the looks would be deceiving.  With an upgraded outsole that is the same as the higher prices version in the Magista, this is a noticeable benefit when compared to other boots at this price point and definitely sets it apart from the Nike Hypervenom Phelon II.

This price point is specifically designed to the price conscious shopper and the Onda II provides a solid value purchase.  It will hold up through a match, will keep you stable on the pitch and should last for the season.  What you lose in noticeable upgrades and the overall synthetic feel is balanced by decent comfort and a solid stud designed outsole that make the Magista Onda II a stabile cleat that will give you exactly what you’ve paid for in a mid to lower tier boot.


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Certainly not the top of the line when it comes to soccer cleats, the Nike Magista Onda II is a good cleat for the price point with ample comfort and a wear ability that will get the user through most matches.  Nike has a long line of durability and as such, the Onda II should last a long time and much longer than you would expect.

A solid value, this is a soccer cleat for the cost conscious but provides good value for the money you will spend.  While the lowest tier in the Magista line, the Onda II is both an upgrade on the former Onda version and is better placed to perform than the Hypervenom Phelon II. The Onda II is definitely a high performance cleat for this purchase cost and something that will give both ample support, high level of ability and ball control.

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