Nike Mercurial Victory IV FG

nike mercurial

Nike Mercurial Victory IV

Nike Mercurial Victory IV

Touch/ Traction











            • - Perfect for fast play
            • - Synthetic leather allows for a great touch
            • - suitable in wet and dry conditons
            • - designed with superior traction studs


            • - A bit tighter on the foot if you don't buy a size up
            • - no protection for toes

            Nike Mercurial Victory IV


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            The Nike Mercurial has since been discontinued and no longer available clicking this link will bring you to view the Nike Mercurial Victory V FG. Sorry any inconvenience this may cause. I’ll do a review of the Mercurial Victory V FG ASAP and post it here.

            In this review we will take a look at the Nike Mercurial Victory IV FG’s. For those of you who desire a fast paced style of play then these soccer cleats will suit you perfectly. The cleats come with an innovative outsole patter that is designed for great traction and speed on a firm ground pitch.

            These cleats are great for those looking to become a more hasty player. I love to run when I play and this is nothing new to my teammates. Usually I find myself in the fullback or defensive midfield position and overall I’d say that this cleat is much better for positions that involve dead sprinting.

            Turning was a bit of a difficulty as I’m already a bulky guy but slashing and bursting was pretty comfortable.

            These boots are made of a soft synthetic leather to enhance stability and ball control. They also have a sock liner that is contoured to the shape of a foot for maximum support and cushioning.

            As for the outsole, the traction mirrors the Vapor’s for superior stopping and turning with no fear that you will ever slip on the pitch. We all know how embarrassing that can be…

            These boots are best suited for short grass fields. They are suitable in wet conditions but not recommended for soggy or muddy fields.

            Personally, I like these cleats because they fit like a glove on my foot. The cushioning is adequate and isn’t over done. It also feels great when your taking your first touch on the ball. The Mercurials are definitely one of the most comfortable shoes I’ve every played in.

            The weight of the cleats are ideal for those who want don’t want to sacrifice speed for comfort. You  will still feel very much mobile in these cleats while your burning and churning down the sidelines. At the same time your feet will feel as if you’re stepping on pillows.

            The design is simple enough and not overdone like some of the cleats we see today. (Although that’s just my opinion)

            Sometimes we put too much emphasis on how a cleat looks and not how it feels…

            I recommend if you can to order half a size up on these cleats just to allow room for space. However, if you do desired a snug fit then you will be just fine.

            At the end of the day it’s your feet, your money and your footballing future. Do what you feel is right!

            Here is a look at the Nike Mercurial Victory V FG Stay tune for the review!

            Nike Mercurial Victory V FG


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