About Us

This website is dedicated to the all real footy heads out there. No matter where your from or what level you play at we know soccer is more than a passion. It’s a religion!

We are a passionate community made up of fans, players and coaches who love the world’s beautiful game.  With  over 15 years experience kicking, heading, tackling,passing,crossing and scoring in a variety of soccer cleats. We think we know a thing or two about soccer cleats and want to share, from various perspectives ,what is important to consider before purchasing soccer cleats.

Whether your a fan, player or parent we welcome you! Our main goal is for you, at the end of your experience, to feel more confident in your pursue for the perfect pair of soccer cleats. You may not always agree with our opinions and we like that! That’s why we encourage you to share your thoughts and opinions by commenting to get the real discussion started.

Many websites have committed crimes of treason to the world’s game(spam link this, spam link that). Have you ever read a review and at the end of it felt like you’ve gained nothing?

We’re not scientist and we won’t pretend to be. We like specifics but let’s be real, science can only assist in creating a safer and more competitive soccer cleat. In the end winning and success comes through your own resolve. Even the best players like Messi and CR7 get assistance in finding a pair of cleats to give them the edge.

With our experience from playing in all types of soccer cleats, we are confident that you will find our post, banter and reviews refreshing and insightful. Welcome friends!